Saturday, March 17, 2007

A sort of hiatus

Well it's obvious I'm doing a lousy job at keeping up on this little blog. It's not due to lack of work being done on the house and having nothing to write about, trust me. It's quite the contrary.

I have another blog that I write in on a nearly daily basis and for now I have decided to put the house updates over there, (soon to be categorized for easy searching). I eventually hope to reupdate everything over here and move the relevent posts back to here but that probably won't happen for several months since we have so much going on right now. Until then please join us for weekly house blog adventures over at my family blog, A Pretty How Town.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A warm place to shower

Sorry there are still no pictures. If I have my camera then the cable is missing. It's murphy's law lately.

Things are moving along smoothly here at The Fisherman's House though. Our contracter has done all of the drywall upstairs in the bathroom and in Little S's room. Everything looks great.

Right now were just waiting on our tile for the bathroom. We had to order the tile and the wait is two to three weeks. I'm sorry to say that my metro tile did not make the cut. We chose this pretty tile from Lapeyre which we had admired for a long time but hesitated on due to the price. We decided we'd sacrifice something. Instead of having the exposed pipes on the bathtub we'd go for the tile. The price difference was the same. The tub faucets will be wall mounted instead.

After the tile then the fixtures and faucets will be installed. Lastly the tub will go in, our clawfoot beauty bought almost four years ago to the day. We still have to paint the outside of it white and paint the feet in bronze. We plan on doing that over the holidays.

We're really excited because the finish line for the bathroom is in sight. Soon we'll be boarding up the wall after the bathroom and taking advantage of using our indoor plumbing. Finally a heated room for all to enjoy. It will be divine not to have to step outside and shower in the toolshed.

Just so you can appreciate how cold it gets out there, here's a photo from last January. Frozen shower? No problem. You just have to wait until the afternoon when the pipes get warm. It will be nice to say goodbye to that!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Métro tiles

Okay first of let me just say that this is not our shower. It's just a picture snagged off the internet. It's an inspiration picture. I bet you have a lot of those right?

I've been absent a lot lately. I keep losing my internet connection and hey if you saw what the wiring looked like upstairs you'd understand. Our contractor who I still love keeps knocking it out and then reconnecting it wrong leaving me stranded and computerless for days on end. He then insists it's right and I say very gently "oh dear are you sure because last time...blah blah blah?" Then I end up calling the phone company again. The phone company comes out, clips and snips and changes out the wires he's crossed and then threatens me with a bill because of it. They've been very nice and patient so far but that won't last long. It's a delicate situation because I don't want to step on his toes but it costs 70 euros for a visit from the phone company!

All of the pipes are in for the bathroom. It looks fabulous to see our little shower stall and toilet stall and everything coming together. Now we just have to choose fixtures and tile.

The fixtures are difficult because money is an issue. The DIY stores in France tend to have a really low end product and then maybe one really high end product completely overpriced. For our shower it was either something at 69 euros, partially constructed out of plastic, total crap, or a product at 450 euros which was nice but more or less average in quality. So the search continues.

We are in a huge debate about whether to use subway tile or beadboard. I like them both but have recently decided that maybe it's best to do tile because it's more durable and because it's included in our price quote. Seb doesn't care for subway tile. He likes tile but can't get past the idea that normally it's in a subway or métro! "Yes" I say because it's original! Most people tore out their bathroom subway tile long ago. The metro is one of the few places where it still exists. Anyway, suffice to say that it's not very popular in France and we had a hard time finding it except at the "cool" DIY store outside of town. I think it's going to grow on him but so far he's just been staring at it scratching his head and saying "I don't's so...errr"

The subway tile in here France has raised geometric edges. Take a look at the picture above. It's a little different than it's American counterpart but it's actually very pretty. It's funny because it's an exact replica of all the subway or métro tiles that you see in Paris' underground. It's also fairly cheap at 23 euros the square meter. I thought that wasn't too bad. I expected much worse.

I hope to post pictures soon. I just got my camera back after a two week searching stint. Turns out Little S had stuck it under the sofa in our apartment in Lyon. The little devil!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

The electricity on the second floor

We made lunch for our builder on Sunday to thank him for all of his hard work so far. We made a point not to talk about the work at all and just talked about family things and enjoyed his company. We really like Mssr. G and we appreciate that he's detailed and dedicated and treats our house with respect. He also works fast and efficiently and he's neat, always taking twenty minutes to clean the workspace and arrange his tools at the end of the day. It shows how much he respect his work.

This week Mssr. G is hard at work doing the wiring for the electricity on the second floor and some of the first floor. It's a thankless task in such an old house, crumbly walls and all the hodgepodge that needs undoing from the previous owner's messes. I don't envy him having to wade through all that and I'm hearing plenty of cursing and "oh merde!" and whatnots coming from the workspace on the second floor.

I shot some movies of the second floor because pictures were just making it look like a prison war camp and you couldn't tell what was what, not that the movies are any better! I'm just going to have to try to figure out how to upload from something other than my web camera. I know there are some cables around here somewhere that correspond to that. Um, yeah okay.

Meanwhile I think the workspace looks pretty much the same as it did a few posts ago. There are no walls yet but they should be coming soon.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I chose the light and mirror

I visited Ikea the other day and felt like all my lighting choices were very bad. Everything in person seemed too big and bulky for our quaint little bathroom. In the end I've chosen a mirror, still from Ikea but rather plain and simple and kind of victorian, and a simple, single light that was actually on display with the mirror and looks nondescript and nice. I'm so happy one choice is done and over with. We have so many things to choose and it's impossible for me to make choices in regular life, so in renovation life I constantly get stumped and change my mind.

People keep asking me if the elevated back terrace is done and the answer is YES followed by IT's AWESOME and followed by a description of the very ugly temporary barrier my father in law and Seb constructed so that Little S wouldn't go skating off the edge in his baby motor car. We have the new barrier/railings on order from a local artisan and they should be finished in the next two months. It's going to be beautiful, all black wrought iron and matching wroght iron stairs going down to the ground level. I can't wait to see it finished. I'll post some lovely photos here soon of the project so far.

Monday, October 23, 2006

You guyses are the best...tanks

Thanks for all of the suggestions. Input is always good when you've been staring at light fixtures for four freaking days. Add to that the enormous PRESSURE to decide imposed on you by an eager contracter and an annoyed husband and you'll see why I cried out for oh-pin-yuns.

I don't know if you've helped me. I'm feeling a bit like the people on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" when they ask for the audience's opinion and then they kind of say to themselves, "hmmm, what if they're all WRONG man, then what? Where am I then?!" So you see I'm clearly a bad decision maker and I have an awful lot of black in my wardrobe too.

The general consensus it seems is mirror one and light four. It's a nice ensemble. Here's a mockup of it I did on paintbox. Excuse the funny angle.It's sort of similar to the picture from Rejuvenation (if you have a very large imagination that is...which I do).

Here's another mockup. I kind of liked this one too. Of course like I said we'd paint the little medicine cupboard white. The extra storage caché would be nice. It sort of fulfills my fantasy of having a vintage 1920's built-in cupboard.

I can't believe no one chose this ensemble! Have you no taste people!!?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Choosing a mirror and lights, wanna help?

It's time to choose the mirror and lights for our bathroom. Since we don't have a really large budget we unfortunately have to cut some corners. We're shopping at cost effective stores like Ikea and some other local stores in our area. It's not easy attempting to piece together a brilliant retro bathroom with what's available, but I think we can do it.

Because our exact style hasn't been pinpointed there's still some room to play around with the decor. The style of the bathroom is obviously vintage with our pedestal sink, matching toilet & claw-foot bathtub purchased eons ago when we thought we'd install the bathroom "right away". It all more or less corresponds to the 1920-1940 eras. We haven't chosen the faucets or any accessories like towel racks or toilet paper holders.

Here are some photos of my low budget finds for the sink's mirror and lights. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Even if you don't know why you like it, please vote for the ensemble you like the most.

First here are the MIRROR choices:

we'd add a mirror to the door and paint it white


we'd probably paint it white or bronze

And here are the LIGHTING choices (we'd buy a pair and they would be placed on either side of the mirror):

We might-could lose the dangly beads. I'm not sure how I feel about them. The green globe alone is very pretty.